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Dinner Menu

Hot Pot

111. Assorted Meat w. Bean Curd in Hot Pot
112. Baby Clam w. Ginger & Onion Hot Pot
113. Chicken Hot Pot
114. Fish Head Hot Pot
115. "Tung" River Bean Curd Hot Pot

116. Buddha's Bean Curd Hot Pot (No meat)
117. Black Mushroom & Duck Webs in Hot Pot
118. B-B-Q Ribs Hot Pot
119. Beef Brisket Hot Pot or Sate or Curry
120. Five Spice Beef Tripe Hot Pot

121. Pork Side Fresh and Preserved Vegetable in Hot Pot
122. Minced Pork and Eggplant in Hot Sauce Hot Pot
123. Black Pepper Pork Chop Hot Pot
124. Salted Fish, Chicken & Bean Curd in Hot Pot
125. Shrimp, Chicken & Eggplant in Hot Pot
126. Beef Tendon, Tripe in Hot Pot

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